What is genetic counseling?

Genetic counselors are healthcare professionals who have specialized education in medical genetics and counseling.

MyGeneTeam genetic counselors are available to help you make decisions about your genetic health.

Genetic counseling may include:

  • Education about how certain medical conditions might affect you and your family
  • Discussion of genetic testing options and explanation of test results
  • Identification of resources you can access for more information and support

What should I expect?

During the appointment, the genetic counselor may:

  • Ask questions about your personal medical history and the health of your family members
  • Inform you about the inheritance of certain conditions and the risk that the condition would be present in you or your relatives
  • Help you to understand genetic testing options and test results
  • Discuss medical management options
  • Give you the opportunity to ask questions

You are encouraged to include a family member or friend in the discussion if you are comfortable sharing your medical and genetic information. Translation services are available as needed.

What are the benefits of seeing a MyGeneTeam genetic counselor?

  • Genetic counseling services may be provided by phone, online videoconferencing or in person (in certain locations)
  • Appointments are flexible, including evening and weekend hours, across many time zones
  • MyGeneTeam genetic counselors are experienced, board-certified or board-eligible and licensed per state laws, where applicable
  • MyGeneTeam services are available by referral only – your healthcare providers place their trust in our team to provide you with the best possible care.

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