Test Utilization Management

Genetic tests are being ordered more frequently by healthcare providers with limited training and expertise in medical genetics and current technologies. A single inappropriate genetic test order can result in thousands of wasted dollars. The use of genetic counselors in test utilization management has been shown to drastically reduce healthcare costs (PMIDs: 29087642, 24665052, 25732008 and 24084506).

Genetic counselors are trained to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective approach to genetic testing for a given patient. MyGeneTeam genetic counselors offer services to reduce costs to your organization through utilization management, including:

  • Examining genetic test orders to identify possible sources of wasteful spending
  • Evaluating individual test orders to establish test appropriateness
  • Reviewing medical records to determine the best approach to testing for a given patient
  • Recommending the most cost-efficient and clinically correct approach to testing
  • Working with and training healthcare providers to facilitate proper test ordering